Chiropractor in Lakeville MA

You may think that doctors are only there for when you get sick or hurt, but that's just not the case for this chiropractor in Lakeville.

Dr. Mike Griffin began his mission in 2004 when he opened up shop in his native state of Massachusetts, firmly set on providing HEALTH care instead of DISEASE care.

There are a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic care that Dr. Griffin has worked hard to dispel.

For instance, few people would associate a chiropractor with anything other than neck and back pain, but that's just not true!

Health Care, Not Disease Care

Your entire body's function is controlled by your central nervous system.

Your spine protects your central nervous system.

When your body becomes misaligned, you walk a bit differently, you lay down differently, and you sit down differently. These changes add up to issues that impact your central nervous system. Nerve interference - called subluxation - comes from these very issues. The end results range all across the spectrum from digestive problems, lack of energy and poor sleep, to migraines, stress, and much more. Lower back pain or neck pain are only two of the many issues handled by Dr. Griffin.

But he wants to do more than wait until you're in incredible pain.

This chiropractor in Lakeville has created an incredibly effective program called the Lakeville Whole-Health Plan. You see, Dr. Griffin has discovered that taking proactive steps to keep your body in proper alignment reduce the likelihood of you ever experiencing these problems.

You get better quality sleep.

You have more energy to help you enjoy your day.

Stress won't build up and bring you down as easily.

With Dr. Griffin's simple, effective partnership, you'll wake up feeling great and continue that feeling throughout your entire day.

THAT is true health care, and that is exactly what we are offering at Lakeville Chiropractic.