Dr. Griffin helps Lakeville's families focus on enjoying their life by making smart decisions that promote everyone's health.

From the moment that they enter the world, our children are incredible miracles.

What's even more miraculous is that they spend a large amount of their time apparently trying to hurt themselves!

From everyday bumps and bruises to traumatic events and injuries, your child's body takes a lot of impact as they go through their day. Small injuries and health issues at a young age can snowball into severe complications later on.

Chiropractic care is so much more than "fixing" neck and back pain. With children, for instance, effective chiropractic care can help strengthen the immune system and reduce the likelihood that your kids get sick very often. Good care can shorten the time frame for recoveries, too!

Even the popular use of digital devices can take a toll on children as they mature. The problem of "tech neck" has become widespread as children spend more time looking down at their phones and tablets. This is causing significant damage to the spinal column and the central nervous system. Dr. Griffin works with many families in Lakeville to address these issues in their children's lives before they interrupt life.

Infant chiropractic care with Dr. Griffin is a great plan.

Infants in the most pivotal stages of development benefit tremendously from gentle, safe chiropractic care. Dr. Griffin has helped many families to improve the health of their infants with his expertly honed methods.

Infant care is a program that makes it easier for you to be involved with the practice. By adopting special protocols for infants, Dr. Griffin has been able to tell families in Lakeville to enjoy their time and let him manage their health! 

Dr. Mike has helped out our 3 month old son Jack so much! He no longer chokes/spits up, has much better posture when feeding, and in general is a much more relaxed and happy little man! I will definitely recommend Lakeville Chiropractic to my friends with children. All of the staff members are so wonderful. Thank you!


Jack's Mom

Just the best! You will be well cared for here. Dr. Mike and the desk ladies are second-to-none!


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